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Ahad, 15 Februari 2009

Nite without him

Lucky for me that i have made trough the night without anything weird happened..actually im kinna scary person so last nite i just prepare everything for my askar2 and then we r heading to our "bilik kebal"..hihii..just kidding..just a normal master bedroom..i also make sure that my car's alarm key is just near my pillow..this is a good safety tips i've got from my safety dept. in my office..whenever bad things happened especially when we realize that there is a housebraker in our house, we can just press the button and the car's alarm will sound loudly in da middle of da nite..this will attract your neighbour to look out for that source of noice..this is only work when our house is not included with safety alarm lol;p but so far i never know how is the percentage of it's victory but as a human being we have to try just for our protection rite??the rest just leave it for ALLAH..
Last night i can't close my eyes tho, luckily Ameera have fallen asleep early so i have just to manage his brother only..Haziq as usual will woke up crying but this nite quite bad. He also vomitting and keep crying. i really2 don't know what to do..of course sad at da same time becoz i have to made through all of this ALONE..Hubby did sms me asking bout our condition as he was busy finishing his report to be submitted to his client. i must be strong for the sake of my kids..so i just keep comforting Haziq, as i remembered, Haziq woke up almost every two hour dat nite..but it's ok..dah resam ader anak kecik macam ni..
This morning, Haziq wake up with bad moodlah of course..but what i have really2 worried is that his nose is bleeding but not too much..just a little drop..i know, his body is a bit "panas" but one thing bout Haziq is he just so so stubborn with me..makn xnak, minum pon xnak, semua nanak..last but not least i have to call for his cikgu (his nanny in nursery was called cikgu by them)..at least when he is taska he will follow what his cikgu ask him to do..huhuhu..so disciplined my boy biler berada ngan orang lain.ngan mama dier pandai jer jawab nanak yer..but i guess it's for his own good..it's not that i am lazy to take care of him but at my thoughts that he will have some good rest and good food there..so just let him to taska is da best decision for me n for him rite??
Maybe this evening i will go and get him..sambil bawak g jalan2 kat taman..i guess enough for this time..nak g masak makaroni bakar..i will post the pics later k..dadaaaaa...

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