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Rabu, 6 Januari 2010

Friso Gold Family Day Out

Event : Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out

Location : Kizsports & Gym, One Utama

Time : 10 am to 2 pm

Well, on 2nd day of January 2010, i've being invited by Nuffnang to join this event organized by them and collaboration with Dutch Lady..We have to submit our entry on "curious kids need to be tough inside" to get invites for the event..Remember this entry? Luckily i was selected making me one amongst 80 lucky bloggers to join such a great event like this!! I'm super excited when i read last 2008 event here & always praying that i also got the chance to attend this event..Alhamdulillah, after few days submitted the entry, i've got a call from Nuffnang saying that i've invited for this big day;-) To make things become more excited is when many of my friends (blogger) also got the invitation which making me so so keen to meet all of them!!

That day, i woke up early just to make sure everything was being well prepared (so that we are not missing anything important to bring especially socks) but sadly, we manage to reach One Utama on 10.30 am after two times lost our way in the middle of nowhere~~bencik, bukannya first time pergi pon!!~~
I sms Kak Shida where is the place & thanks to her speedy answer saying that Kidsport & Gym is located beside the Pizza Hut Restaurant on the second floor so we just take a few minutes walk from our parking area to reach here. At first, i'm quite nervous to see such a long queue but of course i don't wanna miss a thing so i just follow other blogger queues & try to imagine that i'll enjoy this event!!

We have to take off our shoes & wear socks all the time while we were in the Kizsport & Gym..Unfortunately, I forgot (after all the preparation) to bring a pair of sock to Amirul but afraid not because in this Kizsports & Gym, they are also selling socks at reasonable price (RM5.60) per pair & you know what, my son really love that sock very much..even today he is still wearing it~~nampak sangat mama tak pernah belikan stokin ya~~

At first my Haziq didn't want to take off his shoes, he keep refusing & crying out loud there (malu tahu)..Even seeing Tasnim Umairah (Kak Shida's daughter which happen to be his play mate in his nursery) didn't make him happy;(

They start the event quite late because of so many bloggers happened to arrive quite late (i'm not blaming on them because i've also late due of many factors that i can't control)..We start by gathering in front of this guy from Nuffnang (gosh, i really forgot his name, can somebody tell me his name please~~his name is Marcus!!)..My husband said, he is so young but i really love him controlling this event where there are almost 200 adults & 200 kids that day..he's very energetic & smart in handling kids whenever they (organizer) have to wait for another activities which were occur a bit late~~so comel~~

Look sad faces of Haziq (zoom sket, nampak air mata tak??)
We were giving speech by Mr Nicholas from Nuffnang Asia Pacific & this lady from Dutch Lady (also forgot her name)~~blame on my deaf ears & bad memories that i have these days~~Top pic, can you see RedMummy talks something with RedDaddy^__^
Haziq have stop crying but still in blur mode, while pic above is Tasnim Umairah kekasih friend's of Haziq
After the speech, we were given freedoms to pick any session that we want..Kids have been separated by their ages with stickers..I can't remember what colour of my kid's sticker..The reason is they can get FUN to explore Kizsports & Gyms according to their age and of course there were so many of play land like slides, tunnels, balls & many more to be discover by kids..Sadly, Haziq begins with bad mood, even after hubby throw him into the pool of balls he keep crying & crying..He was afraid to play with the slide, tunnels toksah ceritalah!! haram jaddah dia takkan sentuh!! Ameera was quite sporting that day, she cry at once only and after that she enjoying her best moment playing with thousand of balls (she even swim in that pool of balls)
While the kids are having fun there, mummies & daddies were all invited to hear talks which held in ballroom by the lady from Dutch Lady on some info of the important of good bacterias (2P which are Prebiotics & Probiotics) in increasing our child's immunity (of course it's all about Friso Gold). These bacterias only contain in products such as yogurt & milk only..So that is why, Friso Gold milk is good for our children because they can increase our child's immune system against diseases. When our kids are healthy (never fall sick), their brain also will become more brilliant!!
~~cewaaaah, promote sket~~
Mummies & daddies were listening talks from the lady from Dutch Lady

And we were lucky because they served some foods (nuggets, curry puff, fried popia & orange juices) while listening on talks in that room..I bet my kids were so hungry at that time because we didn't manage to take our breakfast that morning (excited punya pasal)..In that room i saw Iza & Farah but didn't manage to talk/greet them as each of us are busying chasing after our kids but i noticed that Farah was so friendly (she even smile at me) & yes Iza would be the shyest (like she said in her blog) ever~~that is the reason why i also become too shy to say hello~~

Owh!! after the lady from Dutch Lady berapa banyak Lady daaa finish her talks, she actually had a quiz session by asking the audience some simple question like "Friso Gold 3 is for ____year and Friso Gold 4 is for ____year??" Kak Shida's husband did answer this question and he got such a nice blue pillow from Dutch Lady..herm, no wonder he was so serious hearing it;-)
please click at the picture to see all the details

Then we were having a talks from Ruth Liew (columnist in the Star newspaper) but at that time i was already heading outside to send Haziq & Ameera to play in pool of balls (again!!)..Haziq slowly enjoy his moment playing with other kids and i'm so happy to see him back in action again;-)
but i guess he only dare to play here (his safe zone) & he never intend to explore other places which i thought was quite interesting to play with especially the long slides~~even mummies have try it also, but of course i'm not included~~takut runtuh!! haahaahaa^__^

Ameera also enjoying her moment that day!!
For kids age 3 and above, they have a game like "poison chair" but the chair was exchanged by the round paper where the Kizsports trainer throw the paper and kids need to stand on the paper..they seem so happy playing this game because the music was happening & FUN!!
-Pic removed-
Here, i met many bloggers that i make friends through cyber but this time had a chance to see them live in person!! Some of them were Has, Kak Ina KL (this is twice i met her during Nuffnang event, hope to see her again), mummy Lyna with Fahry (actually mummy Lyna was a friend to my coursemate & she is also a neighbour with my Uni's friend, small world isn't it??)..by the way, she was so famous when everybody want to take picture with her jeles mak!!
Ameera gayat?? first time i saw her afraid of something;-)
-pic removed-

Then at 12 pm, we were having lunch served by Kizsport & Gym..What i like here is kids were given a chance to eat all by themselves and parents were free to enjoy their meals at any place they like..but for me, i'm not sure that Haziq can be indipendent enough to eat foods given so i just accompany him, but surprisingly he seems to enjoy eating his chicken spaghetti all by himself (suddenly i realize i'm worried too much on him) and to make me & hubby become more proud+happy are when we saw Ameera also enjoy eating her meal without our help~~tapi of courselah bersepah habis~~

Ameera, mama so proud of you!!

-pic removed-

Overall, the food was superly yummy, both of us enjoy eating all of it..I love their fried rice and chicken pie, even our kid's meal was delicious!! (mama curik2 makan hihihi)..Spaghetti is my kid's all time favourite food so there is no big deal for them to finish all of it ~and of course with some help from mama (^-^)

Some other blogger that i met there;- Nad (i don't even had a chance to chat with her)~~sedar2 dia sudah mahu keluar dari situ sudaaah!!~~but manage to take a pic with her;-) then i met Zuhaini (Alia's mum) & MrsImran (finally i have the courage to say hi & ask permission to take photo with her~~actually i love her outfit that day~~so stunning!!

After our stomach was full with yummy foods, then we were entertained by magical performance by Hafiz & the gang!! the show was totally amazing and kids (even parents) was so flabbergasted by his tricky show;-)

Hafiz also invited his audience to participate with him in performing magic..seriously we have a blast day full of laughing & cheering with him!!

-pic removed-

After that, it's the moment that we've waiting for..but before they announce all the winner for this contest, the emcee ask kids to gathered around and dance along with music..Tasnim did her dance that day but my Haziq was totally in love playing around the pool balls..For those who are participate, they were given laundry bag (as Kak Shidah told me)..herm lucky Kak Shidah..

After that, prize giving ceremony was started. they have announce 10 lucky bloggers who each will win RM100 voucher from Toy' r us..Congrates to Juan, Munirah, Kambingbujang (unique's name isn't it??), Abang Kheirul from sawanila.com (he did take a photo of Ameera & we love it to the max that pic), sumijelly & other blogger which i couln't find their url (can somebody tell me please)..Congrates again for them, all i can say was i'm so speechless when i read their post~~huhuhuhu..sungguh powerful compared with mine..aiyooo, why on earth i didn't think about to write such in a creative way like them~~

this is the pic that i said (pic credit to sawanila.com)..I wish that i also have a DSLR but what can i do, but it's ok (as long as i can take pictures of my kids with my kamera cabuk)
all the happy faces

price was given by Nicholas by Nuffnang
and the winner for the Grand Prize is ~~drumroll please~~





i bet all of you already know right^__^

yap, Littlemama from MBP..gosh she is so lucky!! actually i always get her updates from my email but i never thought that the person sitting in front of me (somewhere at ball pools was her~~mind my bad recognitions hahaha) but seriously i never know her in person so maybe next time i will try (read: ambik aura) to greet her;-)
With that, this event has come to the end but actually parents can stay there till 5pm (if i'm not mistaken)..guess what, kids who doesn't want to join this event early in the morning have become kids who doesn't want to leave this event in the end..got it?? i can saw happy faces on my kids & hubby, bet their really enjoying it!!
Puas pujuk Haziq keluar dari buai tu!!

All participants were given some goodies from Dutch Lady consist of Friso Gold step 3 formula milk (worth RM46.50), Friso Gold stationery & towel..Haziq was so happy that day, he even don't want to take out his Friso Gold shirt. Beside that, he also love his Friso Gold so much (actually Haziq is very choosy when it comes to FM, so only selected FM which pass his SIRIM taste will go trough his stomach if not, bye2 jelah) so i was quite happy that my kids love it's taste & some info : Friso Gold 3 is suitable for kids age 1 to 3 years while Friso Gold 4 is for 4 to 9 years!!
We really had fun that day..i guess it can't be describe by words..For those who didn't make it to this event, make sure next event you join it because you wouldn't regret it..For Nuffnang & Dutch Lady, thank you again for giving me & my family the chance to involve in a such great event like this!!

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fabulous.farah berkata...

wah seronot! ramai yang glamer datang event ni ek

zailamohamad berkata...

farah, next year make sure ada anak & join this event hoccay!!

KV berkata...

ahkak jugak yg jauh. Huhu

*gorjesmum* berkata...

eee bestnye...

kak ina kl berkata...

salam ..memang best kan..tapi mak-mak sibuk dgn anak-anak..tak sempat nak borak panjang..

zailamohamad berkata...

KV, dakpo..jauh di mata dekat di hati..at least ahkak dapat cash out duit Nuffnang tiap bulan..huhuhu

gorjesmum, memang best!!

Little Mama™ berkata...

hi zaila,

nak i transfer aura! he..he

zailamohamad berkata...

Kak Ina, betul tu..saya tak sempat nak tegur ramai lagi blogger lain..tapi memang best ah event ni..rasa seronok sangat2 that day!!

Little Mama, nak!! nak!! (sambil tadah tangan)

Tanpa Nama berkata...

zaila...mmg x sempat nak chit chat lelama..mengejar anak aja..heheheh..tp at least dah bersua muka ;)

~Eila @ Along~ berkata...

wahhh syoknye..kalo eila ade anak confirm join nihh hehehe jumpa blogger2 tu yag best! anak.. mak.. sumer suke...

zailamohamad berkata...

Has, betul tu so now you know how fat i am in the real world, hahahhaaa

Eila, next year pula..make sure dapatkan anak sorang tahun ni;-)

Lady of Leisure berkata...

hi zaila.. :)

kalau lebanese cuisine lady sarankan zaila pi al amar dekat pavillion.. hari sabtu(malam) ada tarian gelek hehe.. boleh tengok free.. selain hari sabtu kalau nak tengok tarian gelek kene bayar huhu... makanan sedap kat sini yg lady try mix grilled platter dia ada daging ayam ngan lembu kalau tak silap, dia cucuk dengan sate.. lady makan dengan roti arab kemudian cicah sos bawang putih.. sedap sangat.. lepas tu kat sini dia punya jus mangga adalah terbaek.. hehe..

kalau tarbush,lady pernah try tarbush ampang point.. boleh kata setiap minggu pi situ tapi menu lady kalau makan situ satu je dan selalunya lady bungkus.. lady suka dia punya shawarma, harga dia sangat berpatutan rm6 dan sangat mengenyangkan.. shawarma ni idi ayam dengan campuran sayur dan sos rempah ratus dia bungkus memanjang dalam roti yang mcm capati tu sedap sangat... memang ketagih dibuatnya.. kalau pi ampang point, dia tingkat bawah.. lalu situ jer bau dia sudah menggugat iman.. hilang ingatan terus pasal diet2... wakaka...

nasi arab dia pun tgk nampak sedap tapi portion agak banyak kene share.. ayam dia tu mcm grilled dengan rempah ratus apa agaknya tapi sedap...

ComeyBelako berkata...

jeles ni...

N A N I E berkata...

bestnyer zaila dapat jumpa semua :)
suke pic ameera gayat hehe

Tanpa Nama berkata...

sorry,,,r u upm grad? yr english!!!

zailamohamad berkata...

Lady, thanks for the info..Zaila decide nak cuba Tarbush lah, mahu g Tarbush yg kat Sunway tu..btw, thanks a lot for the advice..nanti bila Zaila dah g will post a review in my blog

comeybelako, jangan jeles2...hihihi

Nanie, tak sangka dia gayat ngan mainan tu, kalo naik slides, dia yg nak konker segalanya..zaila even nampak dia siap tolak anak orang lain lagi..hahahahaa

Anom, zaila UPM juga tapi bukan english year, zaila ambik engineering!!

Mrs Imran berkata...

hmm...hello there :) i pon upm jugak..and engineering jugak :D ehe. chemical engineering to be exact grad 2003

zailamohamad berkata...

Mrs Imran, me was in food & process Engineering, grad 2005

izzahfarhana berkata...

besnye dpt pegi.tp xde kids lg hehe

zailamohamad berkata...

hi izzahfarhana, takpe dah ada anak nanti joinlah ya;-)

KambingBujang berkata...

oo you pun ader gak kat family day, sorry tak prasan la, di tambah lak cam malu2 kucing kan.. huhuh..

nx time bleh la tegur2 ek

zailamohamad berkata...

KambingBujang, a'a..zaila pun ada aritu..hihihi..biaserlah semua blogger pon malu2 kucing kan;p

AYUKIRANA berkata...

wow!!!zai, ektif ropenye hang nih!!syok je bunyiknye...meh lenkali ajak aku skali...;p..nak g ikea pon xpegi2..hah ha..lol...ko dh pindah umh ke??

Eejay berkata...

hye...nak tny la...ttg ur own opinion psl friso gold...sy tgh carik alternatif susu tuk my baby..she's 6 months++.... =)

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