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Ahad, 20 Disember 2009

Curious Kids Needs To Be Tough Inside

Parents out there, did you know that Nuffnang will organize the Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out on the 2nd of January 2010..Loads of fun for the whole family!! There will be games and contests that your children will go crazy about, not to mention the spacious play area! For the adults, while your kids are occupied, they have arranged some great programs for you too like we would be able to meet Ruth Liew, the popular parenting and child care columnist on the local The Star newspaper, she would be sharing her valuable experience and expert advice on parenting..
Then, we will have an expert nutritionist from Friso Gold to share her expert opinions on the matter of balanced diet and of course good nutrition in supporting our child's immune system. And lastly, we are going to have a sharing session among the parent bloggers, this is when you can share your experience and exchange tips on parenting!!
Parents out there, you can just read here to know more about last year's activity..And this year, more great prizes to be grab and me too want to participate in this great contest ever!!

Well, as a mother of two active kids, i have always to make sure that they are always in a good conditions especially Haziq who is an asthmatic child..Here, i would like to share with all of parents out there on how can i do to increase my child's immunity system;-

1. Milk

As for my kids, formula milk would be the most important supplements for them because they rarely eating solid foods, thus i have to choose the best milk for them which contain all the nutrients & vitamins that their body need in building their bones, body & increase their immunity system towards diseases. Friso Gold would be definitely the perfect choice for them. Friso Gold is backed with Frisoshield with P2 Dual System which is good for their body system to maintain good intestinal environment. Did you know that Friso Gold also have Bifidobacterium lactis that can help in reducing diarrhea cases. With the help of Friso Gold Frisoshield P2 Dual System, i can enjoy my moment as a blogger without worrying about my kids exploring inside / outside the house, touching all things because i know i can count on Friso Gold!!
pic above : Ameera when she start her first crawling movement..At this time, nothing on earth can stop her from reaching out things that sometimes we can't see with our eyes..Yes, i mean germs & small dust is everywhere in my house so that is why my kids need to be though inside to resist all the attack from germs who can lead to many diseases such as fever, cough, diarrhea & others.

2. Food & Supplements

Of course they need a healthy diet/meals everyday. Hence, i rather to prepare the meal by myself rather than buying foods outside / ordering fast food for my kids. This is to ensure that they will eat a healthy foods which contain all the nutrients & vitamins that their body need to develop their body. Here, i wanna share with you mummies out there this website where you can find lots of good & interesting info about our children's nutrition guide. Beside that, i also gave my kids food supplements that can supply energy & make them healthy & stronger all day long!!!

3. Hygiene Practice

I always make sure that my kids always wash their hands every time they have finish playing outside / out door activities. This is to make sure that they can get rid of all the germs & micro organism that may attach together while they are playing. Always use sanitary soap & hand sanitizer after every time you wash your hand cause this can avoid us from getting H1N1 virus~~macam iklan TV lah pula~~
4. Healthy Lifestyle

Of course to have a healthy soul we must have a healthy lifestyle. Same as for our kids, they also need a balance diet, a good sleep & lots of fun activities (indoor & outdoor) to keep them fit & strong. If their soul happy, their body function will works well & therefore they can get rid of diseases. As for us, we always make sure that we can spend our quality time with kids through various way such as an outing with kids in playground (of course an outing with Friso Gold would be the best outing for me & my kids this year), shopping mall & many more interesting places that i can bring them. To see happy faces on my kids shows me a sign that they are in good conditions & growing so fast each days!!

Pic above : Kings Friso Hamdan is watching his kids playing around in their play ground..As we all knows, germs & bacteria are everywhere in this world & we can't avoid our kids from playing outside the house just because we want to defend them from being infected by germs so that is why me & hubby choose to protect my kids with Friso Gold Frisoshield with P2 Dual System..~~See, even the biggest bacteria can't touch my kids!!~~

5. Be Prepare

My eldest son is an asthmatic child so i have always to make sure that he is in a good condition at every place that we go. During our vacation in kampung, i have to admit that i can't control him from running around his granny's house chasing over chickens & ducks, searching grasshopper in field and not forgetting lots of dust (rumah kampung kan, biaserlah tu) so chances him to get asthma attack is high, therefore i need to be prepare always with his medicine (inhaler or Salbutamol syrup). Beside that, i need to monitor their body's temperature so that i can know that they are in a healthy form always.

Pic above : Look out for Prince Friso Haziq!! so germs & bacteria out there, you should run for yourself now..Prince Haziq being protect by Frisoshield with P2 Dual System which can get rid of you at once!! so never play play with Prince Friso Haziq ya>__<

6. L.O.V.E

Lastly, i guess the best shelter in the world is our never ending love for them. I believe kids that live in a happy family will grow faster compare with kids live in a problematic family. So parents out there, don't forget to shower our kids with lots of LOVE so that they need all the energy & immunity inside to be such a healthier & stronger person in this world!!

As a mother of 2 kids, i guess i have try my best to keep them happy in outside & stronger in inside..but as a new mother, i also think that i need to improve my parenting skills & there are so many things that i have to learn & share with other mummies out there. So i'm hoping that Nuffnang will sent an invitation for me & my kids to participate in such a great event like this and we surely will enjoy every moment of it!! ~~Of course kalau dapat menang pelbagai hadiah lagi semangat nak pergi~~ am i right mummies out there?

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