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Khamis, 23 April 2009

My Dream House..

Today, i'm taking my AL..just wanna rest at home peacefully yorlah teww!! Actually from morning till now, i haven't stop doing housework, from washing laundries, cleaning the living room, bedroom, kitchen..pendek kater cleaning all the houselah!! Since on my weekend i can't do all those things because of da existence of my askar2..instead of cleaning the house, it will turn up to b messing the house=)
While doing that, i also goggling the internet to find some nice pics of my dream house..yap, Insya Allah, this year we have decided to buy a house for our family..and know, i'm looking for a kalo bole, ready to move-in house (but must be new properties), somewhere around Kota Kemuning / Berjaya Park / Bandar Puteri, Klang / somewhere which is near to our office;0 Surprisingly, house in Shah Alam is really2 cekik darah kami laki bini..imagine, house located in Jalan Kebun (to me i called it kampung) reached to RM290k!! i know the developer is the best in Malaysia, but biar logik r sket..if it is located in Shah Alam's city / near to hospital / other facilities, i thot it's ok tapi nih..ntahlerr..no comment;)
So guys, just layan jer gambar2 kat bawah ni..best kan kalo dapat stay umah macam ni..

House in da middle of da jungle..so quiet & peaceful

i wish that someday i can built this house at my kampung (near the Pantai Irama Beach)

This house pon cantek..suka umah yang ada beranda kat depan umah teww!!

this one look classic to me..very English style rite??

house covered with snow..kn p oversea dulu ni=)
house up in hill..mesti sejuk kan??

ok guys, just wanna share this info with uols out there who also wanna find a nice home..info taken from this site;

Whether you look for property online or through an estate agent, having a precise idea of your requirements will greatly assist in finding your dream home. The main criteria are:
1) budget---our budget is around RM150k to RM250k--only this figure that we can afford=(
2) location---of course near with our office;p
3) type of property---i love 2 storey linkhouse rather than 1 storey house
4) property size---of course must be spacious for our kids


Your initial budget is the amount of money you are prepared to spend to acquire your property.
Your budget should include:
1) Down payment: the proportion of the purchase price not covered by financing (banks will typically lend 80-90% of the purchase price)
2) Legal fees: 1% for the first RM100,000, 0.5% for the next RM4,900,000
3) Property stamp duty: 1% for the first RM100,000, 2% for the next RM400,000
4) Loan agreement stamp duty: 0.5% of loan amount transfer
5) Disbursement fees include fees for registration of charge, land search and bankruptcy search (RM300–700 in Wilayah Persekutuan and Selangor)
6) Processing fee: one-time fee charged by the financial institution for loan processing (RM50-1,000)
You will also need to think about ongoing costs following acquisition of the property, such as financing costs. As a guide your monthly commitments on paying instalments for your house, car and other payments should not exceed 1/3 of your gross monthly household income. The Base Lending Rate (BLR) is currently 6.25% (most banks offer a small discount to BLR). The length of a loan can range anytime up to 45 years.
For information on mortgages, see http://www.bankinginfo.com.my/


Location is critical to your decision so get to know the area properly before buying. You may consider renting for a few months before buying in a new area. The following considerations will affect your choice of location:
1) proximity and access to work
2) proximity and access to schools
3) amenities including shopping, leisure, religious facilities, parks
4) safety
5) prestige

Type of property

The main distinction is between landed and non-landed property. Landed properties include detached, semi-detached, and link houses. Non-landed include condominium units and flats. Apart from your personal preference it is worth bearing in mind that landed properties tend to appreciate more than non-landed properties while non-landed properties tend to give higher rental returns. You should also consider whether you want a basic home which you may want to renovate yourself, an already-renovated home or a new home. You will also need to consider whether you want a freehold or leasehold property. Freehold properties tend to appreciate more and are easier to sell, but if you wish to stay in your property for many years you may prefer a leasehold property as you will be getting a better house for the same money.

Property size

Make a checklist of your requirements:
1) land area
2) built up area
3) number of bedrooms (do you require a bedroom on the ground floor?)
4) number of bathrooms
5) reception rooms
6) size of kitchen

Hope this article can help uols in finding the right property for u..to buy a house, we have to consider so many things, it is not as simple as buying a roti canai at mamak's stall..so my advice is think deeply before you purchase a house..kita xnak nanti, umah besar tapi isi kat dalam kosong;0 u know what i mean guys=)
oh, wanna share with uols hasil penat lelah aku hari ni;

keadaan umah yang bersih untuk saat ini aja..sekejap lagi askar2ku akan balik mengerjakannya;p

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