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Sabtu, 21 Februari 2009

Misconfused Identity??

Sometimes i just wondering why i am making friends with those people..people who love designer handbags, branded stuff and love to bargain anything which is very costly..I am not like them..People who might know me maybe they will wondering and confusing about this..

I am totally normal down to earth person, but sometimes i am also wishing that someday i would have the chances to "upgrade" my life, my style and my exterior look so that i can increased my self esteem when facing other people who are higher than me (of course in term of status/position)..so i guess it is not a fault to make friends with them right??i guess when we are making friends with many people, we can develop our styles, knowledges and also will increase our social practised when we are connected/dealing with them.

I am not denying that i links my blog with some other blogger who are really2 differ with me (in term of hobbies, life, interests or else)..For example MrsLVoe, LadyVerde (sorry guys im using ur name), or some other sales blog which are selling branded designer handbags and so on..but it is not that i want to copy/follow their life style..it is just that i adored them (and many more bloggers that i don't mention in here)..i admire them for their special/unique way in expressing their life..for example i like to read MrsLVoe's blog becoz for me, she inspired me with her motivated blog, i love to peeps on LadyVerde's blog becoz i really2 love to see her appearance which enthuse me to be more stylish (of course in my own way and budgets!!)..in another words, i love to make friends with all kind of ladies/mummies out there..

Friends, i am blogging here because i want to express or articulate my daily life in my very own style. i don't care and won't care about your status, interests or backgrounds because as for me, it is not a parameter to show the sincererity of the relationship itself. As long as we are happy surfing and reading each other blogs, i believe it is more than enough for me. So you guys (especially persons who know me), could you please stop asking me weird questions about the purpose of why i am making friends with "those" people.

But still,i am really2 frustrated with people who are mean to me..those people who are "choosy" in making friends with someone like me..those people who are searching for persons who are same like them..those people are really2 annoying me..just becoz i am not having stuff that they have, they will just ignore me..like i'm not exist in this blogging's world..huhuhu..maybe i am too emotional at this moment..maybe i just misjudges them or maybe i'm thinking too much??

By the way, i really feels that a mowen should have at least one of their favourite things such as designer handbags or what..me also craving to have all those things but as a good wifey, i have to ask for his permission first..as a normal woman, i am also have my own obsession to shop, to have my very own collection but i guess maybe it is not the right time yet. So let just hope and praying that moment will come soon..

Nevertheless, i am happy with my life now..i just put in my mind to forget what other people said to me, as long as my husband and kids love me and cares bout me, that's it!! and one more, as long as i am having my internet connection, i would never stop blogging;) go gurl!!

p/s; Luahan perasaan ini hanyalah sekadar nukilan hatiku yang lara ini..sekiranya ada yang terasa, ampun dan maaf dipinta..bersama2 kita perbaiki kelemahan masing2 agar dapt mencapai kebahagiaan yang hakiki..erm, ada relate ker ngan post ni..hahaha bak kata nabil; lu pikirlah sendiri;p

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