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Selasa, 10 November 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

**This is a sticky post until 10th November 2009..Please scroll down for more story of my life's journey**

Hi peeps!! Just wanna share with you guys that Nuffnang now is having a collaboration with Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop..They will be given away three..not just one, but 3 Inspiron 13's to Nuffnangers who take part in this competition..Owh, mari kita mencuba nasib ya!!

Well, we have to blog about 5 things that we can do to treat ourself and you must share with readers that why must Dell 13 Inspiron included in your list..Then you must send in an email to dellinspiron13@nuffnang.com complete with your name, address and a permalink of your blog post before 10th November 2009..so hurry guys..let's get Delling now!! More info in here.

As for me, if i were given a chance to reward myself, of courselah top of my list would be a pink color Dell 13 Inspiron Laptop as an inspiration for me to improve my work & be a better blogger;P..
Just look out these specs;-

**Outer Beauty
Its smooth round edges and crisp clean lines are simply designed to inspire. With the Alpine White, Obsidian Black and Cherry Red designs, now you can really show off your true colours.

**Always Connected
Enhanced wireless supports up to 802.11n connections. Plus the Dell™ Webcam Central lets you video chat with friends and family with amazing ease.

Wide Vivid Display
13.3 inches, to be exact. Plus the 16:9 widescreen format means you never have to squint or lean up close to use the Inspiron 13.

**Hi-definition Experience
Just add the optional ATI Radeon™ HD 4330 graphics card, and hook up to a LCD TV using the one-cord HDMI connection to enjoy true high-definition cinematic experience.

**Portable Power
Delivering 50% more performance, Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology lets you multitask at a whole different level.

Cool right?? Owh i would be the luckiest & happiest person on earth if Dell would give this gorgeous gadgets for me**wink**wink**

Besides, i'm also looking for a new laptop which is thin & light in design but can do multitask job..easy to say : laptop that have OUTER BEAUTY BUT INNER STRENGTH or we can say in Malay : CANTIK DI LUAR TAPI KUAT DI DALAM;)

For more info about this hot stuff, you better pay a visit to Dell Inspiron 13 or any their authorized retailer near your home / place..

And one more thing, for those who are interested to buy this gorgeous laptop, you can have this special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell that would allow anyone who makes purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!!. .This promotion is only available online or by calling us at 1800-88-0301..so hurry guys, don't miss this golden opportunity!!!

Well, back on my list again..Then that would be the shopping spree at any of the shopping mall in Malaysia..it would be more exciting if i go shopping with my best friend..sure tak hingat dunia punya!!!

it was heaven ok!! I can choose anything that i want..Owh, i could'nt imagine how i'm going to enjoy it..I want to buy lots of cloth, make-ups, shoes, sexy inner wears, handbags and many more..I bet i can go shopping non stop untill i drop^_^
Then i want to reward myself by doing some massage or spa complete with manicure & pedicure service..
Owh, i'm still remember the Thai massage that i have when i was having a vacation in Phuket..It was so cheap ok!! I just pay for RM20-30 for a complete hand & feet massage for about 1~2 hours..Almost every night i went for a body massage & facial wash;) Better than paying the bapuks just to take one picture with them..I guess i have made a good decisions ahead!!
After a long tiring day or weekdays, i hope that i can treat myself with the nice smelling of the burning lavender scents, with the sound of dropping water on stones..Owh very relaxing..don't you think so??
Then i want to reward myself by eating as much as i can CHOCOLATES!!!

Some people say that eating chocolates will adding fat in your diet but some people would say it is some kind of stress release..Well, as for me..I love it to the max!!! I don't bother what people will say with my weight..As long as i'm happy with my life, enjoying every moment of it..it is more than OK dah!!

Lastly, my treat list is a short vacation for me & my family..I feel sorry to left my kids at my BIL's house during my gateway to Phuket with my husband last May..and i hope that i can treat me & them a nice vacation where they can play happily ever after & enjoying every moment with me..I'm planning to bring them to Tokyo Disneyland where Haziq can meet his hero Batman live in action there;)

And i bet Ameera will love to meet Mickey & Minnie too^_^..I guess quality time that we've spend with our kids also would give a deep emotional impacts in our heart and this kind of treats will make me smile all day long;)

~~I'm praying hard that MrDell & MrNuffnang would give me one of those gorgeous down to earth Dell 13 Inspiron Notebook to me~~

~~All pics are googled~~

5 ulasan:

Lady of Leisure berkata...

spa?? i loikeeeeeeeeeeeee...

zailamohamad berkata...

Lady, know you do..

Ernie Khairina berkata...

sukenye lappy pink..berangan juga ni =)teringin gak nak g tokyp tu.

kedai yong tau foo tu kat deretan kedai2 depan uitm shah alam, sek 7..pegi la hehe

zailamohamad berkata...

Ernie, dah tahu mesti your favorite color tu!!!
Oh, harus dicuba tu;)

Tanpa Nama berkata...

nk g Disneyland!

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